Sears returns cash.. but their systems are still seriously flawed

August 31, 2010


We finally received the last of our money today. Thankfully.

With all the lies about when the money from the first mistake was to come, we finally received it 3 weeks later.

The second refund for the broken unit? The only reason we got it is two-fold.

1. I tweeted and wrote that first post, and it got attention (thanks for the hundreds of hits guys!). Our rep was being pressured to settle this matter. Although he did tell me that it “does no good to blog about it because it only goes to him”. What he clearly didnt get was that I blogged because I was frustrated and needed to get my frustrations out (and this is my venue) AND that this wasn’t about THEM it was about ME and the horrible response I was getting from a national retailer.


2. I also had proof the AC unit was picked up. Why is this important? Because our rep told us that UPS HAD NO RECORD OF THE PICKUP AND DIDN’T KNOW WHERE THE AC UNIT WAS. No busted AC? No refund.

What the ??????

Luckily, I um.. you know.. kept the receipt of pickup (!!! do people throw these away before the matter is settled?) from the call tag that Sears issued (dont they keep track? I guess not) which indicated the AC was delivered to their warehouse over a week ago… even though noone knew where it was. I at least had proof of pickup and delivery.


But we got our money (and quickly for the second payment)

and Sears was nice enough to issue a Sears gift card for $75 to us.

That was dripping in sarcasm in case that didn’t quite come across. I wasted WAY more than $75 worth of my time on this.

But its over.. we have our money back. We’ll still never buy from Sears online again… and we’ll steer everyone we know to do the same.

The End


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