This first day of school panic, one year early

September 2, 2010

All around me people are going back to school. Frantic parents and kids are invading Target and Staples trying to find every school item needed on their lists. Pens, green notebooks, blue notebooks, 6 24 packs of crayons.

(As an aside.. I dont remember ever doing this. We grabbed a few notebooks of any color shape and size and a few pens and off we went. It seems much crazier there days with specific lists from the school .. someone explain this to me)

And I look at Alex and I panic. He has only known one teacher and he’s been with her since he was 8 weeks old. I think of him going to a big school with lots of people he doesn’t know and I get scared.

What if he feels all alone?

What if he doesnt make a friend right away? (Those of you who know my son know this is a crazy fear, he’s completely social)

What if he’s scared? Who will he turn to?

What if he doesnt know or cant find the bathroom and panics?

A lump rises in my throat just thinking about it but it is inevitable.. he has to start kindergarten at some point. He has to go to a real school with big kids and cafeterias and the cool kids table and even bullies.

But he doesn’t start until next September.

So I’m thankful it isn’t today, but I’ll panic for the next year as it approaches.

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