Food and gender

January 15, 2011
Photo by In Praise of Sardines on Flickr

I have a theory.

Its about food and the gender of an unborn child.

Now I’m not right all the time, but I do have a better than 50/50 average of getting it right. I’d say my guesses are about 85% correct. I’m trying to do it in one of the online pregnancy boards I go to so we will see what my average looks like when all is said and done.

But I do think I’m pretty good at it.

All I want to eat this pregnancy are breakfast cereals, oranges (specifically Cara Cara oranges which are out right now) and toast with cream cheese. I mostly get protein from eggs.

Can you make a gender guess based on that?

I can.

edit: Some people have mentioned my confusing use of the word gender here. Though many understand, I will clarify stating that I do mean the sex of the child. Though some will say that I also actually mean fetus. I can’t win here, can I?



  1. That says boy to me. I could barely eat meat with Noah. Three bites per meal at the most.

  2. It is what I ate for my first pg (boy) and all I want now.
    Except I keep passing over Cara Caras for other citrus. Now,
    though, after seeing that photo, I’ll have to plow through the bag
    of navel oranges I just bought and try some cara caras. We spent my
    pregnancy building a chicken coop and now o manage to not have
    leftover eggs even though RR get an average of 5 eggs a day. The
    freezer full of organic meat we have remains virtually untouched.
    (And I presume I’ll be having another boy.)

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