What noone tells you: brushing your teeth

January 18, 2011

Photo by flickr user sgrace (creative commons)

There are already women out there laughing and shaking their heads just from reading that title.

For many women, not all, but I certainly know that I am not alone, brushing your teeth becomes interesting. And by interesting, you sometimes enter an endless circle of brush, gag and vomit.

I know some of you know. But this is one of those things that noone ever tells you happens. Well I am here to tell you.


and you can’t help it, and some times it gets comical, but it is normal and you should not be worried. It is definitely happening to other pregnant women.

They just don’t talk about it.



  1. In past the way I knew I was pregnant before taking the test was that I was gagging while brushing my teeth. Uber annoying.

  2. I had that SEVERELY in both pregnancies. In fact, the first time I left Noah during the day was to go to the dentist.

    I was *occasionally* able to tolerate Toms of Maine gingermint gel. I was also ok with the yellow medicinal flavored mouthwash, which I figured was better than nothing.

    Sorry you are having that too.

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