Hungry like a wolf. Well… sometimes

January 23, 2011

In the middle of the day I can eat anything in sight. But don’t let me even smell food at night.

My best time for eating is between 10am and 3pm. Between those hours I am RAVENOUS. Seriously.. I could eat your arm if it was in front of me. Dinnertime? I usually eat something but I am very uncomfortable afterward. And forget about red meat, I can’t even think about it. We have been eating many vegetarian meals but have been having some chicken here and there.

Eating has never been a problem for me. I mean really.. I love food. I’m not a small girl with a small appetite.

So I am adapting. Eating differently. Smaller portions for sure because I just don’t have the stomach for it. I’m sure this is better for me anyway.

Besides my cravings for Cara Cara oranges and sweet breakfast cereal, one of the things I seem to want is buffalo chicken. Some times it is wings, some times it is simply chicken tenders in wing sauce (over some greens makes a nice buffalo chicken salad!).

My ‘wing sauce’ of choice? Moore’s.

I will say up front. I was not offered free product, I was not contacted by the company, I bought the bottle randomly at my neighborhood Stop N Shop.

But it is simply the best bottled buffalo sauce out there. Not too spicy (sorry all you spice fiends) but spicy enough. Alex likes them (he does like spicy food so don’t think it is mild enough for your child without tasting it yourself first).

So there is my current diet staple. Buffalo chicken.

During pregnancy.. how did your diet change?

Photo used with creative commons licensing from Flickr user esimpraim



  1. I think I was a lot better to myself during pregnancy than normal… once the nausea went away. During my 1st trimester, I had to eat SOMETHING at all times or I just felt like throwing up—not kidding. The weight came on the fastest during the 1st trimester or two, and thankfully a little more slowly later. I craved healthy stuff, ethnic foods, spicy foods, and desserts throughout the pregnancy. It was much easier to eat healthy while I was at work for some reason. Maybe packing my lunch with the baby in mind helped; now that I’m home postpartum, I have to remind myself to eat my fruits and veggies. From the 2nd trimester until the end (when I could only handle small portions due to lack of space), I seriously never felt full. Ever. 🙂 But luckily I didn’t overdo it on gaining weight.

  2. Well, I craved sour candy. I mean really sour candy. But the only thing I could eat when prego that didn’t give me heartburn was pancakes with syrup. I’d have that 3 meals a day sometimes. :o)

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