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The bittersweetness of expecting #2

February 14, 2011

AlexMy son. My first born.

How I have watched him grow. How I try to hold on to every piece of little boy I can.

Sometimes when we cuddle on the couch.. his little body snug against me, saying “Mommy, I love you”. Often he sings songs to me peppered with phrases about how much he loves me.. his mommy, the love of his life. A tear will spring to my eye. How much more of this will I get? I don’t want it to end. He will always be my baby. Always.

Does bringing in a second child mean I wont have this special time with him anymore? Will he feel neglected? Will I feel like I’m not giving him enough of what he needs?

I know that one thing I will be trying to do will be date night (or day) with him. I want to make sure he gets one-on-one time with me. I know he’ll want it, need it. And so will I.

We are all excited about bringing this new child in to the world, including Alex. We are beyond thrilled to give Alex a sibling and he is equally excited to have one. But I am trying to savor every last moment I have with my one sweet child. My baby who is growing up to be a wonderful little boy who is thoughtful and friendly. Who will excel in kindergarten when he starts in the fall both socially and academically.

But I worry that I wont do it right. That the transitions that will happen in the August-September time frame, new baby, new school for Alex… will be a bumpy ride.

What other tactics are you using to make sure your children get the one-on-one attention they desire? What is your best advice about going from one to two children?