Tips and tricks: Giving medicine to a baby

October 19, 2011

medicineThere is so much I had forgotten about parenting a newborn.

For example.. the 4:45am EverybodyGetDressed run to the ER with an infant with a 102.4 fever. Yup. That happened last week.

So one spinal tap, a bad ear infection and a diagnosis of reflux later and we’re trying to shove oral medications down this poor boys throat. And then I had a memory breakthrough.

Get a bottle nipple
Put it in baby’s mouth
Let them start sucking a bit
Squirt medicine into the nipple…
and VOILA! Before anyone knows it, the medicine vanishes down their throat where it should be instead of all over the onesie and your hands.

Easy peasy!

Also.. you could buy one of these for the same results. But why bother if you can use what you already have!

Photo by Micah Taylor used under Creative Commons licensing


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  1. yikes, that’s one joy I haven’t yet experienced. Glad everyone’s okay. That’s a brilliant trick for medicine giving. I will keep it in my mommy bag of tricks (hopefully I can remember it when it’s applicable…)

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