Let the children see clearly with VSP Vision Care and Boys and Girls Clubs of America

November 8, 2011

I’m going to tell you a little story… a story that many working parents can understand. Whether you work from home or outside of home, when you have school age kids you need to think about it.

After school programs


When Alex started school this year we were faced with choices. New and unfamiar places to us and to him and the task set before us was to choose the RIGHT one. Not just what would be the easiest or where he would have the most fun but Where would he be comfortable? Where would he be taken care of? Where would he be safe?

I was nervous. Scared even. But I finally chose the Boys and Girls Club of Salem. This has been among the best decisions I have ever made. The program there is amazing, the people are caring and warm and most importantly, they ADORE my son. I could not have asked for anything more.

So now, I want to do something to benefit them, and the many other kids that attend Boys and Girls clubs and I want YOU to help me do it.

Are you ready?

VSP Vision Care partnered with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to provide free eyecare services and eyewear to children most in need throughout the U.S.

Every child deserves to see clearly for school and play. Join VSP Vision Care and Boys and Girls Clubs of America by taking the free online Eye Pledge. For every pledge you and your friends take, a child receives a complimentary eye exam and glasses (if needed) courtesy for VSP & B&GC! The campaign runs through Nov. 18 so help reach 50K children!

Take the online pledge: http://ow.ly/7jBQt

Vision Care will donate an eye exam and new pair of glasses to a child served by a Boys and Girls Club. The Eye Pledge is easy to take and doesn’t

cost you a thing! Take the Eye Pledge now and help a child.

Also.. one lucky winner, chosen by random, of course, will receive a pair of designer sunglasses. There are several to choose from. I know it is vague, but roll with it!

Just leave a comment telling me you made the pledge!

I will also be receiving a pair of sunglasses. I will be receiving no other compensation for the writing of this post and will probably donate my sunglasses anyway. This is a good cause. THAT is why I wrote the post.



  1. Great cause! I pledged. And I’m happy Alex is enjoying school and activities!

  2. Done! And, I have to say, I just saw the opthamologist yesterday!

  3. Done !!

  4. Clicked! 🙂

  5. Done and shared!

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