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December 5, 2011

One of the best pieces of advice I was given upon learning we were going to have a second child was to be sure I put aside some special time with my first born. So when an opportunity to see Peter Pan in Boston came about… well, it was a no-brainer.

As excited as he was, I was a little apprehensive. Sometimes he scares easily. But I had heard the show was amazing and I had a feeling he would love it.

So we boarded the blue line which would take us right to where the performance was taking place in City Hall plaza.

We picked up our tickets and headed inside. Despite a small ticket glitch (I was not actually seated with my 5yo son, my seat was actually 15 seats and one row away. We are thankful for the kind people sitting next to us and the owner of four tickets in the row below us who did not show up), we took our seats in anticipation of a great production.

The show did not disappoint. We were treated to a spectacular presentation of the story of Peter Pan like I have never seen before.

The flying was exhilarating. We both had goosebumps. The look on my son’s face told me I made the right decision to bring him. He was spellbound. There was only one slightly scary moment when the pirates first appeared, but he got through it quickly and was not afraid of the pirates after that. In fact, one of his favorite scenes was a fighting scene between Captain Hook and Peter Pan. It was artistic, and was tastefully done in a slow motion, seemingly non-violent nature. Perfect for children.

The puppetry was spectacular. Nana the dog and TickTock were beautiful and well maneuvered. They were made out of blankets and old clothes and flowed exactly the way your imagination would, well… imagine.

I think that both us had a favorite though.. and it was clearly Tinker Bell. She was ballsy and mouthy, hilarious and punk rock. We loved her.

While the show says the recommended age was 5 and up, I saw many younger children there who were clearly enjoying the show. It is a magnificent production.

The clincher? Meeting Peter Pan and Wendy Darling after the show. Alex was Hooked… so to speak.

For more information about the ThreeSixty CGI experience.. go HERE.

Performances run through December 31st and range in price from $35-$125. Ticketing and more information can be found HERE.

See other rave reviews HERE.

If you can.. See this show. It was a thrill for children and adults alike.

Although we received complimentary tickets to this show, I was not asked to write a favorable review. This review is purely my own and I received no other compensation.
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