The food we eat, for health

May 7, 2013

Since last July, I have been on a quest to be healthier. To exercise, to eat well, and to lose weight. Since my heaviest, I aim to lose about 100 pounds.Image

Today I am down 40 pounds.

Good accomplishment, right? Except I’ve been down those same 40 pounds for months. I hit a BIG plateau in November and then never recovered from it. I even gained back 10 pounds.

I’ve since gone on a 30 day “whole health” cleanse (no dairy, gluten, sugar, little animal protein) and have lost those ten pounds plus one. My body is in its comfort zone and I’m trying to force it downward. Everyone has advice, eat more, eat less, don’t eat grains, eat meat, don’t eat meat, count calories, eat fruit, don’t eat fruit, exercise more, exercise less, exercise differently, track everything, don’t worry about it so much.

And its hard. Really hard.

Also? I hate the goddamn food.

Now, I have gotten everyone’s best and favorite recipes following the guidelines and I still hate the food. I’m sorry but cauliflower “rice” isn’t rice and quinoa just tasted like weird little crunchy nuggets in my mouth. Kale chips? Just don’t. I know many people who do enjoy eating like this, or paleo or vegan or juice fasts, even weight watchers annoys me with its math requirement (though it does work).. but I can’t get into the food. After a while I just want a freakin’ sandwich with turkey, bacon and mayo (which, YUM, I haven’t had in a while).

So basically I torture myself, and I deprive myself. Everyone says, oh no, this is a lifestyle change and you will like this lifestyle change because you’ll feel better. And I DO feel good. I even enjoy the exercise (mostly running and some zumba), but even running 3-4 times a week and doing zumba doesn’t seem to help with the weight loss (although I am stronger and not nearly as winded as I used to be).

Bottom line is… I’m frustrated. And I’m not finding a long term solution for myself.

But here I sit. Trudging onward, not giving up. Eating a saffron tofu and cabbage stir fry and its pretty good. But I really wish it was a cheeseburger.



  1. You are a rock star. You are kicking ass. A lot of days suck, but every day doesn’t have to suck. And when you get near/to the goal, you can start eating yummy stuff more. But I do get the suck. And I miss cheeseburgers.

  2. You said your body is in its comfort zone. Are YOU?

    If you’re comfortable where you are, take it.

    When I talked to my doctor about losing weight, he told me that he refused to give me a specific number to lose. Instead, he suggested that I try to keep losing until I hit a place where I was comfortable.

  3. That’s just it. I’m not. I’m not looking to be skinny, I’m just looking to be a bit more comfortable and its not where I am right now.

  4. A 30 day fast is a tall order for anyone. Liz, in every other part of your life you are a strong, beautiful and well loved woman! Don’t beat yourself up over craving a turkey sandwich. Be proud that you are making the effort to change your mind about food. Your body will catch up.

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