End of the cleanse

May 11, 2013

So my 21 day cleanse is now over, and though I hated eating like that there were some lessons in the activity.cookbooks

  1. My body responds well to eating just plant based foods.
  2. While eating plant based foods, I pretty much snacked the entire day instead of having meals, my body also liked this and I didn’t feel hungry.
  3. I was completely shocked that I didn’t miss caffeine as much as I thought I would.
  4. I got back into a 30 min of exercise/5 days a week minimum habit that I had fallen off of
  5. I lost 12 pounds

So this morning I’m having a big cup of coffee (BZZZBZZZ) and I wrapped some eggs and cheese in a flour tortilla. Tomorrow I will feast on a Mother’s Day brunch. And Monday? Monday I will work out more and I will eat very similarly to the cleanse food I was eating. I will also do the cleanse full on again in a couple of months. I feel good and not eating sugar, dairy, gluten, most grains, caffeine and eating much lighter than usual in the animal protein department (though I may up this a little and eat slightly more toward paleo).

There has to be a balance. I need to be able to enjoy what I want to eat and be healthy too. And I will. I am at my plateau weight. My body likes to sit here, and it has for a long time. But I WILL break through its grips this time and I WILL TRY to lost 20 more pounds by August 1st (a small/big goal of mine).

So now, armed with new cookbooks that my sweet husband picked up for me at his office, I will listen to what my body said during this cleanse and will try to eat a more plant based diet.

Even if I hate the food (and hopefully I’ll find new recipes so I won’t). I won’t give up.

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