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October 31, 2007

Halloween in spookytown.


We SEE you!

October 27, 2007

Spent the day with our friends Dan and Kathy and their two beautiful children doing halloweenie things in halloween town. It was actually alot of fun.. but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I really really like Dan and Kathy and their kids a whole lot. I’m really glad they moved back to Massachusetts and hope to see alot more of them.

Now if we can only get Tex and Beth back here…


Spookytown park

October 21, 2007

We found a new playground today that we LOVE. Alex can do all the slides by himself. We had a blast. Best thing is.. its about a 3 minute walk from our house. Its on the college campus and we never knew it was there.

I also think Alex sees ghosts. Whenever we drive past a graveyard he starts waving and saying hi and bye. Today a kinda spooky thing happened at the playground where he stopped mid play and said “uh oh” and pointed to.. nothing. He did it over and over.. and then there was an overabundance of static electricity around us. It was spooky.. or maybe living in Salem is getting to me. Here are some playground photos…


Salem’s Grand Halloween Parade

October 7, 2007

Thursday was the Salem Grand Parade to kick off Halloween. It was fun! Alex likes to dance to the marching bands. We didnt get alot of pictures.. we spent most of the time either dancing with Alex or chasing him (our little ball of energy!) but here are a couple photos of Alex at daycare and at the parade in this years Halloween costume, a pirate!


My neighbor, the fallen hero

October 3, 2007

When we lived in Jamaica Plain, we lived on the top floor of a triple decker. We had this great roofdeck.. and we had great neighbors that we shared it with for several years. One year, Ciara and Jenny grew a forest of tomatoes up there. We laughed alot because there was barely room for anything but tomatoes. There was alot of tomato sauce that year. We shared many a beer and cigarettes on that roof deck with Ciara.

We just found out that Ciara Durkin was killed in Afghanistan. It is possible (from what I am reading in the news reports and comments from her family) that she was killed because she was a lesbian. One bullet through the head, in a non-combat situation, wearing civilian clothing, near the church she worshipped at. There has been a call from Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry for a full investigation. There is no way she committed suicide.

Dave and I are very sad to hear this news. Ciara was.. awesome. She was sweet and kind and helpful. She gave so much of herself to everyone around her. Including all the animals she used to feed from our front porch (this only became a problem when the skunks wanted to be fed, haha). She especially loved the bunny family she shared with her parner Jenny, the bunnies even had their own room.

Although we havent spoken to Ciara in a couple of years.. we definitely thought about her and treasure the time we were able to know her.



September 29, 2007

Welcoming the harvest in the Sukkah


We look alike

August 19, 2007

it really is kinda crazy how much Alex and I look alike…