I’ll never give you up

January 30, 2019

Rickrolling my own blog.. because I will never give you up no matter how much time passes between posts.



Creating things with our hands

November 3, 2014

As an interfaith family, I find it important to share Jewish customs with my kids. Like baking challah together #MyInterfaithStory



End of the cleanse

May 11, 2013

So my 21 day cleanse is now over, and though I hated eating like that there were some lessons in the activity.cookbooks

  1. My body responds well to eating just plant based foods.
  2. While eating plant based foods, I pretty much snacked the entire day instead of having meals, my body also liked this and I didn’t feel hungry.
  3. I was completely shocked that I didn’t miss caffeine as much as I thought I would.
  4. I got back into a 30 min of exercise/5 days a week minimum habit that I had fallen off of
  5. I lost 12 pounds

So this morning I’m having a big cup of coffee (BZZZBZZZ) and I wrapped some eggs and cheese in a flour tortilla. Tomorrow I will feast on a Mother’s Day brunch. And Monday? Monday I will work out more and I will eat very similarly to the cleanse food I was eating. I will also do the cleanse full on again in a couple of months. I feel good and not eating sugar, dairy, gluten, most grains, caffeine and eating much lighter than usual in the animal protein department (though I may up this a little and eat slightly more toward paleo).

There has to be a balance. I need to be able to enjoy what I want to eat and be healthy too. And I will. I am at my plateau weight. My body likes to sit here, and it has for a long time. But I WILL break through its grips this time and I WILL TRY to lost 20 more pounds by August 1st (a small/big goal of mine).

So now, armed with new cookbooks that my sweet husband picked up for me at his office, I will listen to what my body said during this cleanse and will try to eat a more plant based diet.

Even if I hate the food (and hopefully I’ll find new recipes so I won’t). I won’t give up.


The food we eat, for health

May 7, 2013

Since last July, I have been on a quest to be healthier. To exercise, to eat well, and to lose weight. Since my heaviest, I aim to lose about 100 pounds.Image

Today I am down 40 pounds.

Good accomplishment, right? Except I’ve been down those same 40 pounds for months. I hit a BIG plateau in November and then never recovered from it. I even gained back 10 pounds.

I’ve since gone on a 30 day “whole health” cleanse (no dairy, gluten, sugar, little animal protein) and have lost those ten pounds plus one. My body is in its comfort zone and I’m trying to force it downward. Everyone has advice, eat more, eat less, don’t eat grains, eat meat, don’t eat meat, count calories, eat fruit, don’t eat fruit, exercise more, exercise less, exercise differently, track everything, don’t worry about it so much.

And its hard. Really hard.

Also? I hate the goddamn food.

Now, I have gotten everyone’s best and favorite recipes following the guidelines and I still hate the food. I’m sorry but cauliflower “rice” isn’t rice and quinoa just tasted like weird little crunchy nuggets in my mouth. Kale chips? Just don’t. I know many people who do enjoy eating like this, or paleo or vegan or juice fasts, even weight watchers annoys me with its math requirement (though it does work).. but I can’t get into the food. After a while I just want a freakin’ sandwich with turkey, bacon and mayo (which, YUM, I haven’t had in a while).

So basically I torture myself, and I deprive myself. Everyone says, oh no, this is a lifestyle change and you will like this lifestyle change because you’ll feel better. And I DO feel good. I even enjoy the exercise (mostly running and some zumba), but even running 3-4 times a week and doing zumba doesn’t seem to help with the weight loss (although I am stronger and not nearly as winded as I used to be).

Bottom line is… I’m frustrated. And I’m not finding a long term solution for myself.

But here I sit. Trudging onward, not giving up. Eating a saffron tofu and cabbage stir fry and its pretty good. But I really wish it was a cheeseburger.



May 4, 2013

308520_10151393528190753_977471703_nWhen spring, springs.. a rebirth takes place. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom and ideas form. Perhaps that is a sign of things to come. Stay tuned.


I have a confession. I want a Tardis.

February 6, 2012

You heard me. I want a Tardis. In my backyard. That we can use.

Maybe as a storage shed? An outdoor office retreat (too small?)? Just a backyard curiosity?

I’m going to make my husband build it.

or maybe by an adorable German school teacher.

Sorry.. I lost my train of thought. Right. A Tardis. Want one.

Do you? Well here is everything you need to build one.

So whatcha waiting for? Daleks?

The UK is way ahead of us in Tardis shed building. Lets get on this. It could be “a thing”


Whoever said parenthood was easy, was never a parent

January 29, 2012

baby pictureNoone says this, right? I mean, they can’t. Or at least, I can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys more than anything. They are amazing and I adore being their mom. Honestly, I’m happy to take care of their needs, but it does get frustrating. Sometimes you just feel like you are failing at parenting (I said this on Facebook and many friends rallied to my side. You guys are the best and yes, I do know it isn’t really true)

I’m a great and mostly patient parent. Just not when they’re sleeping.. or should I say, when they’re NOT sleeping. You see my children? They don’t sleep. My oldest? only started sleeping through the night when he was 4 years old. Even now he still wakes about once a week. And the baby? He’s up every 2 hours. Sometimes more. Naps range from 20 minutes to 2 hours (rare) but mostly they are 30-60 minutes 2-3 times a day. Frankly, he just resists sleep.

Oh I’m not at this point yet, and hope I never will be. But believe me, it takes a toll on you.

I’m not looking for advice about how to get him to sleep. We’ve tried many of your tried and true techniques. We’ve seen the doctor and have tried his advice as well. We’re still not sleeping. Luckily, I have an equal parenting partner in my husband, so we are able to trade off, but what we’d really like is for our baby to sleep.

What I am talking about is the fact that parenting is hard. The rewards are great and I’ll look back at this time and say “oh man… remember when the baby didn’t sleep?? Good times.” and we’ll have a little laugh. I know that this too shall pass. But that doesn’t make it less hard right now.

Sleep has been “that thing” for us. For some other people I know, its eating. Lets not hide the hard things.. because even though we should leave the advice giving to the experts, we can at least get some sympathy and some help. Someone to take the baby for a few hours for a nap or when parents just need a break. Open yourself up for some help and it might be there, instead of pretending everything is sunshine and roses, let the world know that sometimes a little shit is part of growing.

What was “that thing” for you?

And really.. does everyone, like me, always end up reading the archives of Ask Moxie?