March 24, 2007

Today was the party. Here are some photos. I’ll write something more profound on his birthday day! Thanks to everyone who came! Especially Chris and Michelle and the kids and Kitty and Atom and Zubby and LaRisa! enjoy!



  1. Happy birthday, Alex!

    Also? You are a lucky boy! A Pocket for Corduroy is one my most favoritest books ever.

    And congratulations Mom and Dad for making it through the first year! What a wonderful boy you’re raising! WOOT!

  2. How utterly sweet! Happy Birthday, big guy! It looks like everybody had a lot of fun and messy chocolate and books — it doesn’t get better than that.

  3. Happy Birthday Alex!!!

    He is soooooooooo adorable, I just can’t STAND it!!

  4. We had a great time at the party! You did a great job liz!! I love the pics 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday, Alex!!!!
    Lucky boy, lucky mommy and daddy.

  6. I know that I’m a little late but I wanted to wish Alex a Happy Birthday! I can’t believe that he’s already a year old. He’s getting so big and he’s such a cutie patootie!!!

  7. Aw.Happy Birthday Alex. It looks like you had fun. My Vincent is turning one in a month and a half, i cant wait.

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